Indoor flight automatic crash detection shut-off

Hi all,

I am flying multiple drones indoors in a 5x10m space. If we are flying experimental controllers or if we are unlucky, there’s a possibility that the vehicle might crash into floor, wall or ceiling. Unfortunately we have often observed that when the vehicle hits an obstacle (e.g. wall/ceiling) the motors often rev up (i guess in order to compensate for the crash) however this has the effect of possibly damaging the vehicle further.

  • Hits ceiling and revs further into the ceiling until estop
  • Hits protected sprinkler, revs further into sprinkler shredding props until estop
  • Hits wall at high bank angle and revs harder as wall stops it.
  • Heavy/unwanted landing, bounces and shoots into ceiling to compensate for whatever happened.

We have an estop for this exact case, but sometimes we might be slow at reacting, or the vehicle has sped off way too quickly (even at minimum speed set of 3m/s, it can reach the wall in under a second from the center of the arena!).

Is there, or has there been any consideration of a collision/crash detection cut off?

Cheers guys!