What safety mechanism PX4 have when a multirotor flip over during operation?

I am wondering what safety measure PX4 have when a multirotor flip over during operation? Does it turn the motors off?

@dagar @sfuhrer That’s a good question. I had a situation where I was testing PID settings of a VTOL (v1.9.2 Dev) in Stabilize mode hover and both rear quad motor ESCs burned out (determined from aftermath diagnosis) from about a six foot hover. The aircraft flipped and landed inverted on the ground. Because the ESCs were no longer functional, both rear motor ran at full RPM until it was smoking, even though the throttle was at full idle and they’re supposed to shut off two seconds after it detects landing. I can only surmise that when the ESCs were no longer function, full battery voltage was directed to both motors. It was a good thing that I had all the ESCs mounted under the bottom of the wing as I was able to disconnect all of them.

I don’t know if the solution should integrate, i.e. “and/or” landing detection with inverted stationary position for “x” amount of seconds and disarm the motors. Or maybe an option provided to have such a command? I don’t even know if the ESCs would’ve responded to disarm the motors.

I’ll defer to the experts for guidance.

There is a “flip” detector that disarms (“lockdown”) the vehicle when it flips: Safety Configuration (Failsafes) | PX4 User Guide.