Collision Prevention


We have been getting a few requests to have our UAV “auto-yaw” to prevent collision with obstacles.

For example, let’s say we have a curved hallway, and our operator wants to fly straight down it. The operator should just move the stick forward and the drone will follow the wall around

We were thinking of doing this on the PX4 side. Has anyone thought to do this before, and if so are there any algorithms/research we can reference to implement this?

I believe this can be already done with Ardupilot using LIDAR sensors.

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From Daniel:

Depends on what data that you have. is there nice granular data to work with, or are you sticking

Collision Prevention was in manual position control mode. it constrains the allowable velocity setpoint so you dont hit something.

Daniel has personally never gotten great results. He has created a forcefield before that will bring you to a stop, but can push you back.

Daniel mentioned it might be better to check out collision prevention CP_GUIDE_ANG and see if there is a fix there.