I2C configuration for barometer

Hi! I always appreciate the help of this community.

I’m trying to use the I2C for barometers (MS5611 and BMP280).

First, I set the I2C1 with MS5611 and it worked well.

But, if I change to I2C2, it does not work. (no device on bus 2)

I changed the pin configuration for my board. (STM32F446)

/* I2C2 */
#define GPIO_I2C2_SCL		GPIO_I2C2_SCL_1
#define GPIO_I2C2_SDA		GPIO_I2C2_SDA_4

In addition, I can find the BMP 280 on I2C bus, but it cannot read the suitable ID.

Please let me know how do I set it up? and I wonder about the bus, external & internal I2C (or SPI).

The MS5611 problem was solved.
I changed some variables. (I2C configuration in defconfig, PX4_I2C_BUS_EXPANSION and so on)
But the other problems have not been solved yet.