PX4 on Crazyflie Bolt 1.1

I am trying to use PX4 on the new Crazyflie Bolt 1.1. I started from the port of PX4 for Crazyflie 2.1. The first issue I am encountering is that the IMU is now on SPI instead of I2C. My first crack at solving this was to change the SPI config file to the pins defined in the schematics

 constexpr px4_spi_bus_t px4_spi_buses[SPI_BUS_MAX_BUS_ITEMS] = {
        initSPIBus(SPI::Bus::SPI1, {
                initSPIDevice(SPIDEV_MMCSD(0), SPI::CS{GPIO::PortC, GPIO::Pin12}),
-               initSPIDevice(DRV_FLOW_DEVTYPE_PMW3901, SPI::CS{GPIO::PortB, GPIO::Pin4}),
-               initSPIDevice(DRV_DEVTYPE_UNUSED, SPI::CS{GPIO::PortB, GPIO::Pin5}),
+               initSPIDevice(DRV_GYR_DEVTYPE_BMI088, SPI::CS{GPIO::PortB, GPIO::Pin0}, SPI::DRDY{GPIO::PortC, GPIO::Pin13}),
+               initSPIDevice(DRV_ACC_DEVTYPE_BMI088, SPI::CS{GPIO::PortB, GPIO::Pin1}, SPI::DRDY{GPIO::PortC, GPIO::Pin14}),

and then modifying the startup script to launch the right drivers

-# Internal I2C bus
-bmp388 -I -a 0x77 -f 400 start
-bmi088_i2c -A -R 0 -I -a 0x18 start
-bmi088_i2c -G -R 0 -I -a 0x69 start
-# Optical flow deck
-vl53l1x start -X
+# Internal SPI bus
+bmp388 -s start
+bmi088 -A -s -R 0 start
+bmi088 -G -s -R 0 start

But still no diceā€¦

ERROR [SPI_I2C] bmi088: no instance started (no device on bus?)

Anyone has any pointers?