I was hoping to integrate Pixhawk2.4 with Vector Nav 200

I am hoping to use VN200 with PX2.4.8 as for the environment I am trying to use it, VN200 gives a way better output. However, as I am new to Pixhawk, I am having a hard time finding any way to approach this. My plan is to use VN200 as the primary IMU overwriting the internal IMU values. Guidance would be helpful!

Have a look at this pull request: [WIP] VectorNav full INS with onboard (ekf2, etc) disabled by dagar · Pull Request #21485 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub

Hi there, thank you for your reply, could you tell me what should be the optimal path to connect PX2.4.8 with VN200? Should we use serial port? What type of converter is recommended for it?

I don’t know. What sort of interfaces does the VN200 have?

Serial, USB, I2C, SPI.

As VN200 is an INS if I plant to use it as EAHRS and INS will it work? because in the link I noticed support for Vn100 and 300. So, in the case of it not working I am thinking of using I2C connection with Arduino. I plan on taking reading from Vn200/SBG and pass it to Arduino and then Arduino will act as a fake VN100 and send AHRS data. Under such circumstances, what would the output statement of my Arduino be like.

And thank you so much for the replies. The last reply was extremely helpful. No I have an idea as to how I should add an EAHRS.

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