How to stop motor spining when throttle is down

Hello, I cannt stop motor spining when I put the throttle stick in the bottom, I have set the PWM_MIN to 1000 or low but it does not work. Anyone can give me some advices?

My servo output PWM does not equal with channel 3 PWM, I do not know whether it influences the problem. I cannt calibrate ESC with QGC and Pixhawk.

It has troubled me for many days, Any advices will be helpful.

Good Day

Hi your motors are not suppose to stop, when throttle is down. When copter is armed all props have to spin (at low speed). There is safety reason to prevent motor-stop mid-air.

there is tutorial for calibrate your ESC automatically

Thank you!

But I think the protection can be closed by QGC parameters tunning or from source code somewhere. For I am doing some test, I need to stop them when throttle is down.

I did ESC calibration like that for many times, it all says “Timeout waiting for bat”. I donnt know how to do it now.

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if you want to stop motors you can lower down PWM_MIN below 1000, but better way is to use kill switch - it shutdown all motors at any time.

About calibration, you probably dont have voltage monitor of battery, and system waits until battery is connected.
You can calibrate ESC manualy by RC reciever, is not optimal but is working.