How to RETURN HOME at end of a mission?


I have been setup and flying APM for several years, now I am trying PIX4 firm on PIXHAWK
I don’t know if the following features are available on PIX4 1.5.5–

1, Return to launch: I can not find and add a Return to launch Command to mission list on QGROUNDSTATION, not support?
2, and CIRCLE? loiter and circle some turns, not support?
3, Spine WAYPOINT, let Copter fly more smoothly, not support?

Thanks for your reply!

I just re-installed QGS, and found that there are ‘Return home’, Loiter-turns, WP-Spine these options, but when I connected with my PIXHawk running PIX4 1.5.5, these options disappeared.

If these will be available if I upload V1.6 firmware?

At least software should support RETURN HOME:)

You can add a Land point at the end of misson, So vehicle can return to land point when mission “finished” :slight_smile: