Cancelling a Mission in Flight

Is there a way to completely cancel a waypoint mission in flight with a flick of a switch? Simply changing modes only pauses the mission and I need to cancel it all together.


Rick on the upper left hand corner of the gui below the Q symbol is a vertical bar with fly plan checklist takeoff and return. If you hit return in the middle of a mission that will stop the mission and cause the suas to return and land.

Hope that helps.

Hi and thanks for the reply. I need to control the craft from a transmitter. The way it is set up is with a 3 way mode switch. LOITER-MISSION-RTL. If, in the middle of a mission I switch to RTL, the craft will come home and land as intended. If I switch back to MISSION before it lands and disarms, the craft returns to the point where the mission was interrupted. I need it to start over at waypoint 1 instead. Any suggestions?

why can’t you reload a copy of that mission as a new mission .

Because that’s not what I need to do.

Rick - just switch to the mode you want. Position, stabilized etc.

If you just want to move the sticks and have it do that (take you out of mission) check the parameter com_rc_override is enabled and at what percent. Then when you move the sticks the vehicle is out of mission and you are flying it.

That usually works but when I switch back to mission the craft continues from where it left off. I want it to start over again.

If you you have a companion computer you could hack something together but tbh that is annoying for something easy like this.

This is an interesting thing that I don’t believe is currently possible by just hitting a switch. You would need to reload the mission or manually click on waypoint 1 for it to restart.

Not supported, but does raise some interesting ideas.

In theory you can play around with the current waypoint number but that doesn’t help if your mission has loops etc, as these are not reset. There is no way to truly reset a mission on PX4 via an external interface - that only happens (I am pretty sure) after landing (it might even be on disarm or arm).

Further, the only “arbitrary” thing you can set via RC on QGC is a parameter, and there is no parameter for this.

To do this properly I’d probably:

  • Define a mavlink message to reset a mission (fully)
  • Update PX4 to accept it.
  • Add an interface in QGC to trigger it. Actually, since I don’t want to go around this loop again, I’d update QGC to map an arbitrary MAVLink command to a switch trigger.

Thanks for the input. Sounds like good information. You mentionede something about a loop. I’ve looked for the information about this and can’t find any. How do I put the craft in a loop so it flies the same route again and again?

the whole idea of a mission process is to start and complete the programmed points.

I remember having a scenario on a DJi drone during a Pix4d mission where you coud activate a reset during a mission by simply tapping the controls during the mission and the program asked either to " cancel or continue " the mission. Maybe this option might be available on the mission planner