Question about Return To Launch button

Hi there, quick question on the QGC “Return” button.

During one of my auto mission, I tried to have the plane return to launch using the “Return” button, however it did not work and the plane continued flying the mission. I tried to select “Return to Launch” using the flight mode drop down but that didn’t work as well.

I must note that the RC link was already out of range but telemetry link was still good. My plane is set up on arduplane.

Any reason why the plane did not return home when I clicked the Return button?


For a Plane depending on firmware I believe there may be some parameters which need setup for RTL to work. Also your missing needs a Fixed Wing Landing pattern in it.

Thanks for the reply.

My mission has auto landing, it is a full auto mission from takeoff to landing. I’ve looked at the arduplane parameters for RTL but couldn’t find anything special that needs adjusting. I’m using the latest fw.

It seems to work on MP, but not on QGC though. Any thoughts?