How to identify sensors in nuttshell

I’ve been doing some development with the Pixracer platform, and I’m poking around in nuttshell. I’ve found that the sensors are all numbered (accel0, accel1, gyro0, gyro1, etc) when getting status, (i.e. ‘sensors status’). Then I can examine the specific sensor status by running the driver status (i.e. ‘mpu6000 test’ and ‘mpu6000 status’). However, I can’t figure out how the sensor number correlates with the driver instance. In other words, is accel0 the MPU6000 or the MPU9250? Is mag0 the on-board HMC5983 or the external HMC5883? Is there something I’m missing? How can I determine this?


Instance zero will be the first sensor which publishes. You have to look at the startup code (or perhaps the boot messages) to see which one that is.