Driver initialization question

I’m currently working on a driver for a specific barometer i need (LPS33HW), it is currently hooked to the external SPI port.
I noticed there was already a driver for a similar sensor (LPS25H), so i used this driver and modified it.
When starting the Pixhawk, i can start my sensor with the Nsh terminal (ex: lps33hw start), and when using the “sensors status” command and can clearly see it as “Baro1” with correct data.

Now, it seems all great and fun that everything seems to work fine, but i have one huge problem that i think i just dont understand.

How do i tell the pixhawk board to ignore the onboard barometer (MS5611) and use the driver i made for my new barometer during boot ?

*I know the question may sounds silly, but i have very little experience with Nuttx. I tried checking out the DriverFramework and i just cant see anything that tells the pixhawk what are the current onboard sensors. Am i missing something big ?

Thanks in advance.

Nevermind the silly question, i founded my answer with the configuration file inside the init.d folder (rc.sensors).
I guess somebody can close this topic.