How to fix jerky takeoff?

I’m using Pixhawk1 on F550 hexacopters. When I take off in manual modes like MANUAL, ALTITUDE, STABILIZED, I can take off with a smooth upward motion by slowly increasing throttle. However, when taking off in a MISSION mode, the drone suddenly jumps up and rolls sharply to the left, then regains control and goes straight up. I have three of these drones and they all do the same thing. It appears like the motor speed increases very quickly instead of slowly, causing this jerky condition.

I would like to fix this problem so that the drone takes off more smoothly in MISSION. Is this something that can be changed with PID tuning? If so, what is the approach to this and which parameters should be modified?

Any help is appreciated.


did you solved that issue bro ??

Can you please share flight log ?
You can upload here and share the link
Also, have you calibrated your ESCs?