Twitching at waypoints?

Hello! Fairly new to PX4, I have a 450 build, 920kv motors, 10" props. Manual mode, position mode etc seem to be fairly stable. I have now been moving on to flying missions and for the most part things seem to work pretty good, but I am noticing that when a waypoint is reached the quad appears to twitch a bit and continue on. The mission is successful without any crashes but its not very smooth at a way point. I have the following two log files: and — does anything jump out as being an issue? id like to understand how to correlate the log data to issues and how to resolve them, so any pointers would be appreciated!

to close this out, i noticed the default (assuming from selecting the airframe) max jerk setting was less than the min jerk. according to the docs doing so disables smoothing. i set the max jerk to 5 and min jerk to 3, which appears to have fixed the issue i was seeing.

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