How to Control servo in waypoint autonomously in Fixed wing Aircraft using Pixhawk 4 and QGC

how can i control a servo??

My airframe is standerd fixed wing UAV.

I am using Pixhawk 4 flight controller and Qgroundcontrol.

I want to actuate servo autonomously to drop a payload in a waypoint.

I don’t want to use transmitter switch for servo control.

i am connecting the control surface’s servos to FMU PWM Out of power distribution board and FMU PWM In is connected to I/O PWM Out of Pixhawk4.


Where should i connect the payload drop servo ??

What parameters should i change in QGC??

what should i do in mission plan??

firmware in my Pixhawk4 is px4.

must I switch to mission planner and ardupilot firmware or it can be in QGC and px4 firmware??

Check out this document :wink:

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pd_gripper_en is not available in parameters section.
i think the standard fixed wing airframe does not allows to use griper

Which vwrsion pf PX4 are you using? This is only available for unreleased version (it is in beta, but still its considered not as an official release: Release v1.14.0-beta1 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub)