Do_set_servo working or not on PX4? And how to make it work?

During the flight, you need to throw off the payload, and it must be done automatically. There is a standard do_set_servo function but it doesn’t work. There are many open questions on the forum about this problem, but the answer is never found anywhere. This does not work on PX4 configuration but on ardupilot does.
What is the problem, does anyone have any information on how to make it work?

One way is to connect a servo to an AUX output then assign an RC switch to it.

That doesn’t fit. It is necessary automatically at a certain point on the route, since there will be no connection RC

RIght now I don’t think there is anyway to do that in a QGC mission.

I do see a “Set servo” waypoint command under ☰ > Change command… > Advanced. Does that not work?

A silly alternative might be to configure MNT_MODE_OUT=AUX, put the servo on the pitch output and set a region of interest directly below you when you want it to deploy or something like that … (I’m not sure if the shutter is continuously actuated by any commands so setting it to shutter/retract might not work.)


This command not work.

I’ll have to try.