Create autonomous mission with servo motor in the mission

I am trying to insert “Do_Gripper” in the mission, but it won’t work. I can remotely control the servo with remote controller, but cannot to add it in autonomous mission. Any recommendation?

Does this work with latest beta/main?

I think this might be a recent addition and not be supported yet with v1.13.

Let me ping @hamishwillee as well here. He might know more.

@ljutc70 Julian is correct - the payload feature was added in main, and will be present in v1.14.

In PX4 v1.13 your only choice was to use MAV_CMD_DO_SET_ACTUATOR - and you might have to add it to the mission manually and import that to get it into QGC. The process works but the mission has no awareness of the payload - for a gripper, for example, it might just trigger, start releasing the payload, and then fly off.
So if you use this approach you may have to add delays etc in your mission to make it work.

Docs on the actuator setup are here: Payloads and Cameras | PX4 User Guide

PX4 v1.14 is supposed to be just around the corner, so you might want to start flying that instead.

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PS I’ll add a note for release version for this case: Update - note release version by hamishwillee · Pull Request #2490 · PX4/PX4-user_guide · GitHub

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Thanks everybody for the reply. I am not using the QGC, I am using the mission planner. is it the same option?

You are in the PX4 forum here. Please ask the question in instead.