How to connect to the pixhawk using the telemetry?

I connect the telemetry hardware to the pixhawk and i also connected the telemetry to my laptop.
I install ‘Mission Planner’ on the laptop.
I also connect the pixhawk to the laptop by using USB cable to give the power because i still don’t have battery.

Now, when i run the ‘Mission Planner’ i can connect to the pixhawk thru the usb port ( the direct connection between the pixhawk and the laptop )

But when i try to connect the pixhawk using the telemetry that connected to the laptop i fail.

  • The laptop telemetry contain green light and this light on both side ( the laptop and on the part that connected to the pixhawk ) is turn on … so i gauss that those two telemetry part are ‘see’ each other.

Why i fail to make this connection ?
How to do it different ?

thanks for any help.

I am afraid it is not the correct forum to discuss Mission planner. This forum is mainly for QGroundcontrol & PX4.

You can find more help in ardupilot forum.