Connection Pixhawk with Missionplanner via Telem Ports

I have a USB-TTL cable with only the RX, TX, and ground pins correctly connected. I want to connect it to MissionPlanner on Windows with telem ports, similar to how we connect using a micro USB to USB cable and see various data like altitude, location, etc.

I have a Pixhawk Cube Black. I followed the setup section found in the ArduPilot documentation, but I can’t establish a connection. I suspect it’s because there are no RTS and CTS pins, but I’m not sure because I’m very new to this field. How can I establish this connection without RTS and CTS pins? Could you help me with this?

I reversed the direction of the RX and TX pins, and the problem was resolved. The RX and TX pins you find in the pinout diagram for the Cube Black online are not the Cube’s own RX-TX; they are for the device you’re connecting to.

Consult in the ArduPilot forum.