How to check if px4 is in working condition

Hi this is my first post and I am new to drone building and I’m not good at asking for help. I started this project over a year ago it is basically a Tarot 680 Quad with 400kv motors 80a escs with 18"props. I started off last year trying to use a 4 way esc an could not get qground control to see it anyway to make a long story short I have done every thing that your are NOT SUPPOSE to do as far as plugging and unplugging with the battery hooked up, I have made bad splices that have shorted? My question to start out is how can check to make sure all of px4 systems are in working condition? or if I need to get an other flight controller. Thanks in advance Don C

I would carefully try to set it all up again and then look closely at the arming checks / preflight warnings of PX4. Then you can also check if the sensors are working as expected, so gyro, accel, mag, baro. If everything seems to be ok, you can do first tries without propellers before moving to real flights again.

Of course, I don’t know how bad your board looks or what’s broken or shorted. If you see damage, then that would be an indication as well.

Hi Julian Thanks for the reply . The main thing that makes me worry is the power#1 plugin on px4 does not work when i apply power from the bec but power#2 does,tele1 and tele2 doesn’t light up,and the gps blue light doesn’t light. is it possible that I may have turned off something in QGC

Hi again Julian so i couldn’t get the px4 working so I bought a new 6c. From what I can see it would be pretty hard to hook up any wires wrong.When i hook up the 6c every thing works except the telem 1,2,3 has no power to the 915 mz telemetry . I can plug ether of the modules to the laptop and they start flashing but when i plug in the module to the 6c telem 1 0r 2 no flashing.Could i have changed something in parameters or firmware ?

I don’t think that’s controlled by a param but should be powered automatically. So that would mean it’s a hardware problem.