Cables for Pixhawk 4, other small questions


I see the cable kit on HolyBro’s website, but they are only 150mm long. Do these cables have a standard name I can use to look for longer ones, maybe some on amazon that will get here quick? I picked up a pixhawk 4 for a good price on ebay, with the aluminum case, it looks brand new and works perfect. Flashed the firmware on. But it only came with a few cables, I can’t connect the PM07 board or the smaller battery monitor board to the pixhawk. The ones that it did come with won’t be long enough, and I really don’t want to have to splice in a bridge wire between the connectors for each little wire.

On another note, I noticed on the PM07 board that each of the B+ pads have an open circuit to each other. How do you monitor each individual motor if they are all on the same circuit, or does it only tell you the total amount of power drawn by the system?

Also, on the small PM02 board, which port do I connect it to once I get the wires? Or can I just power my other electronics with it, EG Raspberry Pi’s, an ethernet switch, etc?

My first Pixhawk 4 build :\ figuring it all out!