How concerned should I be about ensuring the centre of gravity is at the centre of my multirotor?

Hi All,

I have a research project where I have a 1m long arm with a 150 g weight at the end of it.
The drone weighs 4.8 kg.

I have calculated that the arm will move my centre of gravity 3 cm from the centre of the drone.
Will the flight controller be able to handle this?
Do I need a counterweight?

It is a hexacopter and for a hover, I have calculated that the front 2 arms will each have to increase thrust by 97 g and the back to will have to decrease by 97 g. This is approximately 12% of hover thrust. (hover thrust per motor is 814g).
The max payload of the hexacopter is 1.5 kg.


Hello Rijesha,

how is the progress in your project?

I`m having a prject where a similar setup is needed and it would be nice to know if further actions are needed to stabilize the copter.