Multicopter with 1kg payload PX4

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I am reaching out here, since I want to know if there are settings of the controller that need to be altered for flying a Holybro X500 V2 with a Pixhawk 6C with PX4 autopilot with a 1kg payload. Cause I only found that there are the parameters: WEIGHT_BASE and WEIGHT_GROSS (Parameter Reference | PX4 Guide (main)). But those cannot be set for multicopters as far as I understood. So is the PID just adjusting the thrust necessary to lift the drone and extra weight? Or do I have to alter/implement something on top of the controller. Thanks a lot in advance for sharing your insights on this topic.


At present, the thrust estimation of multi-rotor UAV uses a separate ekf, which will dynamically adjust the thrust according to the weight of UAV, so I don’t think it is necessary to worry.

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PIDs will update once airborne and you wont notice a difference. If changing the weight parameters still results in anemic liftoff, bump the hover thrust estimator up 50%. Ive tested this. Works great

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Thanks a lot @xdwgood and @Charles_Armer for sharing your insights. I already thought that it might be like this since I tested a similar setup in SITL with Gazebo.