Offset center of gravity


I am working on a large multicopter (~20-25 kg, Y6 config), and keep running into an issue regarding the center of gravity. When I am in the air, it flies fine, but during takeoff it leans forward. It fixes itself if I give it a few seconds, but that is not something I can do.

I am guessing that the CG is too far forward compared to where it should be, but this is not something that can be changed.

Is there a way to input the distance between “optimal CG” and actual CG? Like I said, this is only a problem during takeoff.

Edit: I am running on v1.10.1 if that is important

Hi @Mohibb , you need to adjust the location of rotors relative to the CG in the mixer directly.

Thank you. I have never done anything to the mixers before. Do you have any pointers on where to get started?

@Mohibb Here is the descriptor for your hexa coax mixer:
You can adjust the distances of the rotors to the CG.