HoverGames + PX4 crash

Hi everyone.
I had a problem with my quadcopter: HoverGames drone.

I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with the flight, here the log file link:


I flew with the drone very well and after 3 min. 9 sec. it started spinning randomly in all directions and fell. The only problem I can see, it was the saturation of the motor from Channel 3.

Thank you very much !!!

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Hi, usually, when a motor saturates just before a crash, it is a sign that the rotor stopped producing thrust (due to: sync loss, esc failure, motor failure or prop loss for example). In case of sync problem, the rotor will still restart properly after the crash so it’s not easy to debug.

Thanks, very much!!!

The output 3 also saturate between 2.30 up to 2.50, but nothing happened.
The ESC failure, motor failure, or prop loss (the last was not my case) are easy to check, but sync loss? I do not understand the term significance. Can you give me a link to read more?

Now concluding, you tell me that the problem would be related to engine saturation 3, but identifying the cause of the problem is almost impossible based on the logged waveforms.

Here is a video about sync loss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWIyXmv5GIQ
Also note that the motor 3 has more load than the other ones during the whole flight. It could then be that the ESC just too warm (about to burn), so it entered a self-protection mode.

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