Holybro Tekko32 ESC(35A)


I need the Pinout for the above ESC. I like to know how I can read the “TX” output from this ESC and if Pixhawk-4 i able to do that.

This feature is called ESC telemetry. simply google if PX4 supports that. From what I know, still, it does not. However, an Ardupilot supports that feature.

Thanks for the input. Yes, I believe we can read this telemetry on a serial port and get information such as RPM, AMP, Temp and other values. Someone might have figured out a way to MUX this Data into PixHawk-4 already, let’s say I am hoping that is the case.

PixHawk-4 is the only hardware. Telemetry is supposed to be supported by the software, but not hardware(well, technically you should have a spare serial input for that).
So you can put either PX4 or Ardupilot flight stack in your PixHawk-4 hardware.

I am glad that you came back with this information, because I was under the impression Pixhawk-4 is only setup with the Qground and whatever Firmware it loads on it… So, other than these two stacks is there any other software available?
On the ESC Telemetry, we can always use the SPI or the I2C to read in the ESC Telemetry in? Would that be a posibility? Please let me know. Now I am beginning to see some lights.
Thanks a bunch.

It should be a regular UART/Serial RX pin, so SPI and I2C could not be used for ESC telemetry feature.

Thank you Jet. Yes you are correct. I see some information on Holybro Kakute F7 about ESC Telemetry connection to UART. So, the PixHawk-4 “UART & I2C B” port could be a candidate for this. But I am not sure the cirrent Firnware frm Qground is ready for that connection. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

PX4 does support ESC telemetry, if you use DSHOT: https://docs.px4.io/master/en/peripherals/dshot.html#telemetry

Thank you Nicolas for the great URL, I am going over it now. Some info on what I am working with. The Air Frame is X500 (Holybro S500), These ESCs are 32bit (Blheli_32) Dshot1200 up to 32kHz with v32.7 Firmware. I have a Power Distribution Board (Holybro PM07) that supports 8 PWM ports for 8 motors, but I am using only 4.

So, the first question is, would the PWM on the PM07 work with these ESCs?

Yes, the connection for the command signal from flight controller to ESC is the same, regardless if you’re using PWM, Oneshot, or Dshot. The PDB should have no effect on this.

Thanks Nicolas for gettiing back to me so quick. So, I’ll be running native “Dshot” and I can use the [ESC Command] to change speed and direction on each motor, awsome. I have to read lot more on that.

So, back to the Telemetry and the “TX” pin on these ESCs. Can we utilize it, and how?

I have to complete the wiring and the soldering. Then I’ll test and will send more info. Any suggestions please let me know. This was fun.
Thank you.

Setting up telemetry is described in the documentation I linked. If there is anything specific in there that is not clear, let me know.

I sure will. Thanks again for your input.

I am getting the following error when I use the “MAVLink Console”, for a command such as “dshot -esc_info -m 4”:

Error [dshot] Telemetry is not enabled, but required to get ESC info.

Its seems the parameter “DSHOT_TEL_CFG” should be turned on for the “MAVLink Console” to work on Pixhawk-4, but it gives me several options such as “UART 6, TELEM 1,2,3, TELEM/SERIAL 4, GPS1,2,3 and Radio Controller”. I am not sure which one to use.


Check the “Telemetry” section of the guide I posted above. You need to set DSHOT_TEL_CFG to the UART port you connected your ESC telemetry wires to.

Each ESC’s PWM pin (Not the TX pin) is connected to the PM07 PWM pin on the Power Distribution Board. Then the “I/O PWM IN” port on the PM07 is connected to the Pixhawk-4 “I/O PWM OUT” port.

On “DSHOT_TEL_CFG” the only UART selection is the “UART 6” and I select it, rebooted it. At this point should the LIPO battery and the USB be connected to the Pixhawk-4, the PM07 and the Motors all together?


I used each of the options for “DSHOT_TEL_CFG” and then rebooted, but got same type of Errors. The only command that works is the “dshot status”. I connected the LIPO and then the USB at the same time but luck.

For telemetry, you need to connect the telemetry pins of the ESCs to a UART of your flight controller (all to the same UART Rx pin). On the ESCs these might be labeled “TEL”. It is a third connection, next to the command signal (likely labeled “PWM”) and ground (“GND”). Your power distribution board likely does not have provisions for this connection, you will have to wire it up yourself between the ESCs and the flight controller.

For telemetry to be reported by the ESCs, they need to be powered up. So you will have to connect the battery.

Hi Nicolas,
Sorry for the misunderstanding. The Telemetry pin on the ESC is marked “TX” and yes you are correct they should be connected to a UART port on the Pixhawk-4. That will take some more research and wiring.

But, what I was referring to in my comment above, was the parameters in “DSHOT_TEL_CFG” configuration and the options that it has in the Qground. I need to change the directions on two motors in "Dshot” (motor #4 and #3) under MAVlink console, but get those Error messages.

I hope I made it more clear. Let me know what you think.


We have a UART/I2C B port on the Pixhawk-4. It has a “RX” on its Pin 3. So I was wondering if that can be used to tie it to the “TX” telemetry pin on the Tekko32 ESC? Can’t find the voltage level on the ESC “TX” pin, but it should be 3,3V and match the UART “RX” pin. But, how do I address that port in the “DSHOT_TEL_CFG”?