Holybro Durandal RTPS Issue

Hi all! I am a new person here, I will use Holybro Durandal in my project and companion computer will be Xavier NX.
To test I installed all PX4-Autopilot , px4_ros_com_ros2 and other folders in my pc.
I test my micro RTPS with sitl and it works well,in the px4 guide page, I learnt that I need RTPS IDs for UORB messages and in path that they navigate there is not any .yaml file for ids ,and also in /PX4-Autopilot/build/holybro_durandal-v1_default/src/modules there is not any micrortps_bridge/micrortps_client/micrortps_agent path like that? If I connet my durandal to my pc I guess these paths will come if not In that case I can not make communication between ROS2 and durandal. Am I right ,dunno?
Could you explain in some basic concepts if they are an issue? I confused a lot.

rectification: These folders ( micrortps_bridge/micrortps_client/micrortps_agent) don’t come I know now. I have to command: make holybro_durandal-v1_default_rtps but there is not any command like that when I command : make list_config_targets

@bkueng told me that:
You can add the target, in the same way as this: boards/px4/fmu-v5/rtps.px4board