Cannot find px4_fmu-v3_rtps in make targets

I wanted to try using ros2 and offboard mode, but apparently the default build does not come with rtps enabled, so I downloaded the source code and tried to build px4 for my controller. For my controller I need fmu-v3, but in the list of make targets I get by “make list_config_targets”, px4_fmu-v3_rtps doesn’t exist. px4_fmu-v5_rtps does exist, but it isn’t compatible with my board.

Interestingly, I can find px4_fmu-v3_rtps in an older version of source code, but that verison has certain bugs which make it unusable for me.

So I want to ask, how to build the latest PX$-Autopilot for fmu-v3 with rtps.

So I found out how to enable rtps for px4_fmu-v3_rtps. There are configuration options in the boards folder and from there you need to enable rtps for fmu-v3.default.

I also found out the reason rtps was disabled, it is because micrortps_client takes up too much processing power compared to the processing availabe onboard.

I guess for now we will have to work with mavlink only