Here 3 gps not working

I have a Pixhawk cube orange on px4 v.1.11.3, and a here +3 gps.

I’m trying to connect it via canbus, without any luck.
i get no GPS lock, and no compass.

in the summary tap of QGC, it says: Compass 0 setup required.
and when i run the calibration, nothing changes.

is set UAVAN_ENABLE to automatic.

on bootup the GPS led’s flash blue for a second, then nothing.

i tried both can ports.

I’m in the same boat. It did breifly work for me. Did you follow instructions here to set up and ID via mission planner (windows version) and Ardupilot firmware. I’ve got that far and debugging today.

Mine just fired up - make sure and do compass calibration first. Also I found I needed to calibrate twice - In sensors>Orientations a drop down for ‘Mag 1 Orientation’ appears.