Here3 GPS lights and safety switch

HEX has released the Here3 to replace the Here2. They say they will no longer be making there Here2’s. The Here3 apparently has RTK built in. Great right? Well the downfall is it only communicates over CAN protocol. My issues with that is no safety switch and no LED lights. The GPS picks up satellites, but I haven’t flown with one yet.

Is there any way that PX4 can handle controlling the LEDs and the safety switch on the Here3 using CAN? That would be awesome. I would hate to swap GPS’s sense I have used Here GPS’s for 3 years.

Any help or further knowledge would be appreciated.

I should mention I am using a Pixhawk 2.1 Cube

Is it even possible in PX4 to have GPS over CAN? I have been trying to get this to work with my Here2 and I have not been able too.

I have gotten a 3D fix maybe 2-3 times (according to QGC) using CAN and enabling UAVCAN, but when checking the GPS status in mavlink, there was no connection, so I am not sure how these values even appeared in QGC.

There are other GPS options that work over apparently work over CAN, like the Zubax GNSS. I was hoping there was some middleware available for Here as well.

Any update to this i has a Plane i have to build with a Here 3 GPS but am put off by no LEDS and cant finds much documentation on it.