Here2 GPS not detected by PixHawk Cube

I just came to know that PX4 did not have support for Here2 GPS earlier in the past. Just wanted to confirm that with v1.10 out now, is it now supported? Because I am not able to detect Here2 with PixHawk cube.
I am connecting the GPS module to the GPS1 port of the 2.1 carrier board, and not to the CAN port.

Firmware Version: PX4 v1.11.0 beta
Pixhawk: PixHawk Cube
Ground station: QGroundControl

Thank you


See the Here2 instructions:

By default the Here2’s are configured for CAN, not I2C; you have to flip a switch to enable I2C.

@Jacob_Crabill Is their anything that needs to be changed in the params to make the can GPS units work? Simply swapping the Here2 from I2C to CAN does not work for me, the Pixhawk 4 does not see the unit.

You need to assign a CAN node ID to it for it to be discoverable on the UAVCAN network. You can do that with a Zubax Babel board. Setting the parameter UAVCAN_ENABLE greater than 1 might enable the dynamic node allocation; and I think ArduPilot also has a node-allocation server available to do the same thing. I haven’t tried those methods myself though - I always set node IDs so I know what’s what.

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Thank you very much. I am going to give this a try.