3DR Pixhawk + 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass Kit

Hello, this is my first post so please ignore stupid questions.

I have recently purchased a 3DR Pixhawk from the 3DR store. I already have a working UAV running on an APM 2.6 Autopilot.
Now I am trying to upgrade to my new Autopilot. The GPS is not working and I do not know where to start from.
I can arm the drone and start flying, so other configurations look good. Regarding the GPS, a blue light is flashing on the Pixhawk, which means its trying to acquire a GPS lock. I have tried outdoors and still no luck.
How can I tell if the GPS has been recognized by the Pixhawk?
Where I can I read for sattelite connections?
I am using QGroundControl on a Mac.