Help with integrating mixed D-shot and PWM 6 servo 5 ECS VTOL

Hi All, i 'm assembling a MUGIN UAV 2 VTOL and would like to publish the configuration when it’s ready
my configuration uses 6 servos ( 2 ailerons, 2 Rudders, 2 Elevators) and 5 Dshot based ESCS
as i was going through the documentation i couldn’t find a configuration that fits it in means of servo capacity (i can use Vtail mixers for reversing signals on 2 rudders and 2 elevators, but its not the best way for implementation)

my ideal case scenario is to run 5 ESCs on the main out and the 6 servos on the AUX lines if it possible
due to the mixed protocols , board capacity and control frequency (high on D-shot, 50 Hz on servos)

is it possible to run 4 quad motors and a 5th pusher from the main rail using D-shot?
i’m running Beta4 1.10 (its a matter of restructuring the mixer file)

is it possible to run mixed signals from the AUX Rail? (both PWM and D-shot)?

will it be a good idea to switch between the main and the AUX to improve the capacity (Plane mode have 7 outputs while clean quad have only 4)


Hi @David_Vorsin, let me ping @bkueng to help with DShot.

Hi @David_Vorsin

You need to run the motors (DShot) on AUX, and the servos on the MAIN pins (which is better anyway for VTOLs).
You should find all information documented: Redirecting to latest version of document (main).
Let me know if anything is unclear.

Thanks for the Answer!

i have started to build the mixer files for MUGIN2VTOL under 13015 configuration

for the airframe i have entered the next: (13015_Mugin_2)

set MAV_TYPE 22
set MIXER_AUX quad_x

and created 2 new mixer files
see images attached, what it should do is run 4 thrusters on D-shot on AUX rail and 7 Plane controls on Main Rail
** i would be happy to move the pusher to AUX rail but not sure how to do it and will it work (its a D-shot/PWM ESC)

i will try to compile it, did i forget to do anything additional?

OK i have updated the AAEERRT mixer and it runs OK in Plane mode
on the AUX lines i get this output on default configured for D-Shot 300
the ESCs will not really detect it and its a little wierd
this is a shot from idle

all the ESCs run fine on this input (generated by RC Benchmark signal card)
the input is higher level (4+) volts comparing to 3 from the PH
i will check with the manufacturer levels for detection and try again

Ok i tried a couple of things and made the DSOT work but voltage levels were low (under 3V and even lower when plugged to the plane)
on the PWM side on the main rail i had problem with the 4 first channels in centering (for unknown reasons (maybe MOT_OFF_ID from the VTOL shuts them off center), channels 567 worked perfectly

i will leave it for now and continue PWM based on regular configuration

Hey David
Would love to know what it is that you did to get to motors to work on Dshot after not working initially.