Help with cause of crash

Can anyone help identify the cause of a crash with the log?
Quad suddenly flipped over uncontrollably with no warning, help much appreciated.

Is it possible that one motor failed? I see that attitude is lost at around 1:51 and then throttle is lowered at around 1:51:30 to 1:52. I assume you lowered throttle once it was already crashing/crashed.

Have you checked all motors after the crash if they still work?

Thank you for the reply, I did wonder that but have since run all the motors up and all working fine. It is a quad with low KV motors and 2170 props, yes the throttle was lowered when it crashed, also disarmed with left yaw which you can see.

Not sure what to do before trying again?

Was it while trying aggressive maneuvers or did you just hover?

I was doing some left/right forwards and backwards testing, very sensitive so was preparing to adjust PIDs. New drone so just in the setup phase, wonder if its worth weighting the drone down and running the motors for a while under load? See if there is a motor issue? Although I didn’t see the motor stop in flight.

Having reviewed the 3D video, you can see the see the sudden un-commanded roll. The pitch and yaw seem to have a massive split on the graph. Almost gone to the extremes, baffled as never had anything like this before. Absolutely no time to react.