Drone crash

Hiii, i recently did a flight but it crashed, i tried to analyze the log file but unable to detect the problem, can anyone please help me in detecting the problem using this log data? Below is the drive link.
[log file]

I am not super skilled at this… but right around the 2 minute mark, things start to go crazy. Just after the two minute mark, your battery current draw goes to zero. The battery voltage looks good, so it looks like maybe your motors (or some of them) stopped? Also, just before the 2 minute mark, manual control input stops and there is a spike in the vibration data. Did the radio control malfunction? Can you describe what you saw just before the crash?

Hi, I just had a look at this, and I see several things.
First off, next time you post a log file, do it on flight review like this: https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=479fcb37-d7d9-4562-9fba-dd0c8817e535

Second your roll angular rate estimation is going insane, haven’t seen anything like that. And that is also causing your motors to crazy, not enough to crash by themselves. But they will get really really hot by changing directions that much, which can also be seen on the actuator output. Not sure what could cause this though.

Third, I agree with umexsa, something seem to have happend around the two min mark, something that cause massive vibrations on your drone. Any idea what that could have been?

And lastly, it seems like you got several check bits just before that, meaning a lot of your sensors seems to fail.

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