Heading alignment issue in landing

Dear team,

I noticed an unexpected behavior during landing under certain conditions of VTOL Standard HiL. Here is the summary and parameters:

  • NAV_ACC_RAD = 20 m (WP acceptance radius)

  • VT_B_DEC_MSS = 2 m/s^2 (Back transition deceleration command)

  • WV_EN = 0 (Weathervane disabled. It obeys the waypoint heading)

  • Landing WP settings:

  • When WP acceptance radius is 20m, it doesn’t yaw to the commanded heading which comes from the VTOL Land WP. However, when I decrease this radius to 10m or reduce the deceleration to a slightly lower value, which I don’t remember, it does the heading alignment.

  • What my conclusion is this, WP acceptance radius must be not covering the position where back transition starts in order to be able to align the heading which is commanded by the landing WP.

Can anyone replicate this issue?