Descend pausing prior to the landing waypoint

Dear all, @JulianOes, @bresch, @sfuhrer, @rroche, @mohammad

Quite often, I observe that the aircraft pauses descending close to the VTOL Land WP before it starts descending for landing. Any idea how I can make it descend without pause once the back transition ends and it is in multi-rotor mode?


I found a code piece at mission.cpp as following. I think it is happening somewhere here.

					 * Ignoring waypoint altitude:
					 * Set altitude to the same as we have now to prevent descending too fast into
					 * the ground. Actual landing will descend anyway until it touches down.
					 * XXX: We might want to change that at some point if it is clear to the user
					 * what the altitude means on this waypoint type.
					float altitude = _navigator->get_global_position()->alt;

					if (pos_sp_triplet->current.valid
					    && pos_sp_triplet->current.type == position_setpoint_s::SETPOINT_TYPE_POSITION) {
						altitude = pos_sp_triplet->current.alt;

					_mission_item.altitude = altitude;
					_mission_item.altitude_is_relative = false;
					_mission_item.nav_cmd = NAV_CMD_WAYPOINT;
					_mission_item.autocontinue = true;
					_mission_item.time_inside = 0.0f;

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Not sure about VTOL but there is a vehicle parameter for Multicopter that defines a loiter time befor landing.

please share log file.


The log was included in the original post above.

Also, I think NAV_ACC_RAD has a role on this behavior. I think that it won’t pause, if I increase the acceptance radius. What do you think about that?