RKT VTOL precision landing


I’m currently conducting tests on a VTOL aircraft that I’ve upgraded with an H-RTK F9P base and rover, aiming to achieve precise landing using RTK navigation. However, I’ve encountered an issue: I cannot achieve XY accuracy for the landing point better than ±40cm, which falls short of my expectations. I suspect that when the VTOL is in MPC_LAND_ALT1 and MPC_LAND_ALT2 modes, it fails or it dows not aim to make precise XY corrections to reach the designated landing coordinates.

Could someone kindly explain what might be causing this issue and provide guidance on how I can improve the horizontal accuracy during touchdown using the RTK system?

Thank You !!

MPC_LAND_ALT1 and MPC_LAND_ALT2 are used to limit the descend velocity. They should not have any impact on horizontal accuracy. Have you properly tuned your PIDs?

Is there any way to specify landing waypoint accuracy or waypoint radius?