Having trouble taking first manual flight

Hey guys,
I need some help. I am trying to do my first drone project and trying to take a manual flight as a step 1 using a Tx, Rx setup.

Hardware details
Flight controller: Pixhawk 2.4.8
GPS: ReadyToSky
Receiver: Fs-ia6B
Transmitter: Fs-i6X

After the sensor setup in qgroundcontrol[running on laptop], I am able to switch to different flight modes[currently configured to use Manual, Stabilized and Land] and arm the drone(see the motor move) using transmitter switches, when connected via USB to laptop. I see the โ€œready to flyโ€ status on groundcontrol.

However, when I take the drone outside[to get better GPS coverage], and disconnect it from the laptop, the drone does not arm. It does not seem to be a GPS issue since I get a 3D DGPS lock[see image below], but its something else.

Maybe it needs a constant connection to the ground control while taking a flight ? Is having constant telemetry [wifi / radio] to ground control, a pre-requisite for taking a manual flight ?

I would appreciate any help since I have been stuck on this for a couple months now.

I was able to solve this problem.By default power redundacy param is set to 1, which allows the drone to be powered when connected to laptop, but not when disconnected. We changed this to 0. After changing that param and rebooting, I was able to arm the drone without being connected to laptop.

Can you start the logging when the pixhawk gets power on? Then do arming without connected to laptop. Letโ€™s see the errors.

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After following the param for power redundancy I was able to arm the drone.
Thank you guys !

Stuck at different problem now :sweat_smile: But this one is solved, we can close this thread, sorry didnt get a chance to update earlier.