MRO Control Zero H7, QGC GPS Always "Disabled"

Hello all.
I’ve been messing with this and researching for days and I’m getting nowhere. I’m not sure if this is a PX4 issue or a QGC issue…but here it goes! I’m running an MRO Control Zero H7 on PX4 1.12.3 (Stable). No mater what I do, GPS always shows “disabled”…

…even when QGC also shows a full 3D-Lock with plenty of satellites.

The results shown are using an MRO Location One GPS on CAN.

Here is a 6sec video of the LEDs on the units.

Trying to use the typical serial/I2C GPS connection doesn’t work either…it’s like there’s no GPS connected even though I can see from trying other GPS’s that their LEDs show lock, and I have tested all my GPS’s outside of PX4 and QGC and they all work fine. Any advice or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Update: I flashed to the latest Ardupilot Plane and everything works great so it has to be the PX4 firmware I’m using. This is where I got the firmware from it from: Releases · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub I have flashed various versions of PX4 for this hardware, but no improvement.

Update: I got all hardware working on PX4 and Auduplane. It turns out it was just horrible combination of wiring, pinout, and parameters (my fault).

However, with PX4 I still see GPS and Mag2 still shows “Disabled” in QGC, but everything is working. I’ll report the status discrepancy to QGC.

I encounter a similar situation…have you opened an issue already?

Nope. Back to Ardupilot.

This Sensor Status is pre-arm check for Vehicle.This setting is only used to check GPS Lock before vehicle Arm. You can GPS Pre-Arm check enable from [COM_ARM_WO_GPS] parameter set to “Require GPS Lock to arm”.

I also have this issue on a new/old system I have built. The GPS is seeing plenty of satellites but it always say disarmed and consequently I cannot fly missions.

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Same. GPS shows disabled in QGC on the most recent stable release of PX4 on the Orange Cube. Anyone figure this out yet?