Has anyone tried fix wing auto mode?

In fixed wing auto mode,whether the plane can keep stationary airspeed?

Does this mean holding position (given sufficient wind)?

Sorry,when plane in auto mode,whether its airspeed is contant?

It’s typically trying to maintain FW_AIRSPD_TRIM, but there are situations it will increase airspeed in order to maintain a minimum groundspeed towards a waypoint. This requires having an airspeed sensor.


I don’t have an Air Speed sensor installed so I set FW_ARSP_MODE to Disable. Therefore, it should not matter if the FW_AIRSPD_MIN and FW_AIRSPD_TRIM params still have their default values, correct? Or, should I set them to 0?

You don’t need to change those parameters in that case. The plane will cruise at FW_THR_CRUISE and increase / decrease throttle if it wants to climb / descend.