Can a plane fly in assist mode or auto mode without airspeed sensor?

Assist mode includes altitude mode, position mode
My plane have no airspeed sensor, the push motor only work in manual/stabilze mode.
When i switch to altitude mode, the push motor stops.
Can any body help me?

i had this happen to me (tractor motor) when i accidentally reversed the PWM main out for the throttle. It was easy to find, in my case, because my RC xmitter stick for throttle was backwards (up/stop, down/full).

have you seen this parameter?
FW_ARSP_MODE (INT32) Airspeed mode

Comment: For small wings or VTOL without airspeed sensor this parameter can be used to enable flying without an airspeed reading


  • 0: Normal (use airspeed if available)
  • 1: Airspeed disabled

Thanks a lot.
I will set FW_ARSP_MODE to 1
and test it later outdoor, maybe GPS lock is needed.