Does Fixed-Wing can fly without airspeed sensor?

I just wish to know wether airplane could support flyging without airspeed, we used apm before, that is no problem, but in px4, we can not pass sensor check.
Does anyone have try that before?

Yes,I try it in manual and stabilized mode.
Before your fly,you should disable prefcheck of airspeed sensor.
You can finish it in qgc.

Thanks! I will try it in QGC

Only Manual/Stabilize? How about AUTO or Loiter or RTL?

You can use any mode with or without an airspeed sensor.

It wont let to , it keeps asking me to calibrate the airspeed

You can disable it: Parameter Reference | PX4 User Guide

Good luck.

ASPD_primary disabled,
ASPD_do_checks - 0
ASPD_fallback - 1.
Still asks for calibration. Sensors section is red.
Model: Bormatec Maja.
Probably firmware bug?

Did you change the parameter:

CBRK_AIRSPD_CHK = 162128 Circuit breaker for airspeed sensor

Setting this parameter to 162128 will disable the check for an airspeed sensor. The sensor driver will not be started and it cannot be calibrated.

Good luck.

Thank you.
It helped.
Still weird, if it set to disabled, shouldn’t check it at all.

I think the parameters you disabled referred to the airspeed sensor’s data whether it would be considered to be valid or use groundspeed with wind calculation to estimate airspeed. the circuit breaker removes it completely from the startup checklist.

Glad it’s all good for you now. Good luck.