Plane stuck in wind

I’ve noticed one of PX4’s favourite things to do is get stuck in the wind in auto mode and RTL when flying into the wind. There needs to be a parameters for minimum ground speed a plane must obey.

This is actually already implemented in the fixed wing position controller. Again, show us a log where it happens and then we can investigate. We need to see if the plane wasn’t on full throttle because in that case it’s already at it’s limit.

Thanks, what is the name of the parameter in position estimator I should be looking for?


Is this the parameter I need to change


FW L1 control, look at airspeed. What you are looking at is for Multicopters (as the label left says).

@LorenzMeier I’m looking for the parameter @tumbili was referring to in order to set a minimum ground speed so I don’t get stuck in the wind or slow right down. I am trying to set a minimum ground speed of 10 m/s so if I have a 10m/s headwind instead of flying at 5 m/s I will maintain 10m/s ground speed and my airspeed will increase itself to 20m/s. He said it was in position estimator but I do not see it.

I should also note where I am at in the mountains the wind speeds 100m up are always a different direction and speed than what is on the ground.

Is the parameter in master and that’s why I cannot see it in the beta firmware I am using?

No. Use the search field to look for FW_AIRSPD_MAX. The system will adjust the minimum ground speed accordingly to FW_AIRSPD_TRIM and MAX. You don’t set the min ground speed yourself.

Thanks that makes sense I was thinking it worked like APM. If I am understanding this correctly the system measures the wind speed and provides throttle as required to overcome that and maxes out at airspd max.