GPS port overwview


I have a ublox new 6m GPS module, it seems to have VCC RX TX GND communication pins, which is basically a Uart serial port. i would like to know what are the pins in the corresponding pins on gps interface on the pixhawk?? I don’t know if it is the px4 will recognize the GPS module if i connect it to the TELELM 1.

Any possible ideas.

Best regards.

You can check the connector layout of the pixhawk here:

Just wondering, why do you want to connect it to Telem1 instead of the GPS connector?

Because my GPS module interface is a UART, so it will be possible to connect it to TELEM1,
However i didn’t know if the GPS connector layout does exist, and I tough it is property connector for 3dr GPS.

I will connect it to GPS normal layout and tell you the results.

Best regards.

Thanks, I’d be interested to know.