Pix32 v6 connection to gps-rtk2

I want to wire the Pixhawk GPS2 pinout to my GPS module, but I’m having trouble because I’m not sure which pins on the GPS board I should connect to the correct pins on the Pixhawk 32V6.

Thanks for all the help

Here is the pinout for the Pix32 v6: Pix32 v6 Mini-Base Ports - Holybro Docs

Now I don’t know exactly what GPS you have there but I can read some of the pins labelled.

I would try to connect:

Pix GPS1 port Pin1 VCC (red) to GPS 5v
Pix GPS1 port Pin2 TX1 to GPS RX
Pix GPS1 port Pin3 RX1 to GPS TX
Pix GPS1 port Pin10 GND (black) to GPS GND

You can also try GPS RX/TX 2 or 3. I think this depends on how the uBlox module is configured. If you connect it to uCenter you can usually configure protocol and baudrate per port.

Important is that Tx goes to Rx and vice-versa so the output of one is the input of the other, also called crossed over.

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