Connecting main GPS to Pixhawk 4’s UART & I2C B port

I’ve posted this in the Support section but 6 days went by with no one replying so I resorted to reposting here.

I’m using a Pixhawk 4 and I’d like to connect my main GPS to its UART & I2C B port. I have set GPS_1_CONFIG to TELEM/SERIAL 4 (104) but I then failed to get any GPS reading. Should I instead set the parameter to GPS 2 (202)?

I’m attaching a link to my parameter file on Google drive.

To be honest, the Pixhawk 4’s nonstandard 10-pin GPS port makes sourcing replacement parts extremely difficult. Is anyone else experiencing such problems? Is so, I’m considering reaching out to Holybro to let them know that such nonstandard design choices are not appreciated.

EDIT: It’s a 10-pin port

Pixhawk uses 10 pin JST-GH connector (not 9 pin). The connector type is standardized by Dronecode consortium. You can get shells, pins, and application pliers in all reputable electronic part suppliers (Mouser, rs-online, farnell/avnet, Digikey). You can also get knock-offs in Banggood for several tens of dollars.

Yes, standardizing to JST-GH gives me some solace. But imo autopilots should stick to the 6-pin GPS port and it is harmful to use a 10-pin port. There are plenty of workarounds like splicing wires and crimping connectors. But these are only workarounds, or hacks, that should not be expected of a system marketed as suitable for academic and commercial developers

I’d rather not start an argument on autopilot design choices, so please reply only if you have experience to share on running a 6-pin primary GPS on the Pixhawk 4’s UART & I2CB port. Feel free to reach me in person at if you want to discuss.

I’ll try to see the config on mine a bit later. By the way, Holybro does have a GPS module with 6pin JST-GH:

I solved my own problem…

I had to set GPS_1_CONFIG to TELEM/SERIAL 4 and set SER_4_CONFIG to auto. The latter option shows up after the former option is set.

Another thing to note is that as I tried to reproduce the problem on my other autopilot, a Pixracer, I could never get SER_4_CONFIG to appear. I suspect this is because the Pixracer’s Serial 4 port is actually the FrSky telemetry port, which is never supposed to be a GPS port.