I’m trying to debug some issues with my quad’s ability to loiter.

I’m using a Pixhawk mini with the uBlox M8N GPS module. From my research with the LED’s everything seems to be working correctly but when I attempt to HOLD/LOITER the quad is put into LAND mode. Although occasionally I am able to get it to HOLD, most of the time it just lands.

I was wondering how many GPS satellites are needed for LOITER in PX4? Is there a way to change this number?

This screenshot shows the GPS info when I’m attempting to HOLD. Does anything look off here?


Please do not open multiple Posts/Issues for the same Problem (HOLD flight mode switches to LAND).

You should try to figure out why your Screenshot above shows LAND instead of HOLD/LOITER.

Check the Value of RC Input Channel 5 (Menu -> Mavlink Inspector). In Order to get HOLD/LOITER this should be a Value of 1800 - 2000us.

Most probably Loiter/Hold can not be selected when the Copter is not airborne (Armed and Flying).