Problem with GPS Flight mode

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Since a few days I block on a problem.
My hexa flight is very good manual or stabilize but I put in Hold, impossible to arm the engines.
The gps is well connected, I have a fixed signal and my autopilot flashes: armed and signal gps lock.

I don’t understand… :frowning:


Please upload a logfile :slight_smile:

A logfile ? :no_mouth:

I have something about logfile :

When I arm my motors in hold flight mode : “Switch to a manual mode first”.

Yes, you need to get the logfile from either the SD card of the autopilot or download it using QGC

Why do you want to arm in hold flight mode? Maybe you actually want to use position flight mode?

Yes actually it works in position but I must have a porbème with my GPS, drone is very aggressive and is not at all stable