GPS Lock, but no GREEN LED

Hi, I’m very new to Pix and QG but not to building flying machines. Up until now its been all race/beta flight for me. Anyway, after reading the wiki and poking around I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

When I have the PX4/3DR GPS module powered on and connected with USB, QGround is telling me I have 6 Sats and a 3D Lock, and accurately placing me on the map. At the same time, I’m getting a BLUE pulsing LED, and only non GPS flight modes will activate without error. How is this possible? The GPS works, I can see my position being reporting through the flight controller, so why would the PX4 report all except GPS is OK for takeoff with a BLUE pulse when this is clearly not the case?


This can be closed. Once I actually took it outside the light came on GREEN. I suppose there is more than one threshold for GPS LOCK, the stringent of the two for actual flight, the other just for confirming activity of the GPS antenna.